Our Philosophy

We began a produce farm in the late 1970’s, and a creamery in 2002. We have always been organic and certified since the certification process began. In 2006, the produce business was a founding member of the Montana Sustainable Growers’ Union (MSGU), our local farm extension, education and verification group.

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Our Pledge

We are USDA Certified Organic and Montana Homegrown Certified! As a member of the Montana Sustainable Grower’s Union, we pledge to grow and sell our products locally. We value the trust our customers bestow on us when they buy our products. Because we wish to maintain and enhance that trust, we have pledged to manage our farms and ranches according to a set of strict guidelines. These guidelines will lead to ecologically healthy farms, a healthy community, and high-quality food for our customers. We welcome our customers’ questions and visits.

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Why Buy Lifeline Produce?

Better Food For More People. Food should rightly be the centerpiece of culture. It connects us to place. Local culture, therefore, is shaped by local agriculture. Eating locally provides not only fresh, seasonal food, but also opportunities to engage in the whole culture of agriculture: visiting farms, knowing your farmers, sharing food and recipes with family and friends, celebrating place and bounty.

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